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📰 News and Activities

April 23 2018

Bring It On at the CDSL Booth Camp

Step into the lobby of Colegio De San Lorenzo this summer and you’ll find creative booths at every corner. CDSL proudly provides its students with nine dynamic programs: Communication, Psychology,...
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April 14 2018


A grand celebration of the CDSL’s 25th Anniversary brought an equally Grand Alumni Homecoming. The night of February 17, 2018 showcased not only the growth and progress of the Ruizians...
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March 12 2018

CDSL Crowns Mr. & Ms. Sanlo 2018

CDSL College Week culminated in the long-awaited Mr. & Ms. SanLo 2018 pangeant night. The night ended in celebratory success with Jonald Kyle Sotto from the Computer Science Department bagging...
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February 12 2018

Ms. Saigon: “What would you do for love?”

Theater Arts 2018 welcomes you to Dreamland as they specially perform Saigon: The Musicale for Colegio De San Lorenzo’s Silver Jubilee celebration. Miss Saigon has been celebrating their 25th year...
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🗓 Calendar

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🏆 Milestones

Pinky Rose Langoyan, Ailene Barnuevo, and Vanessa Clanza, CDSL students from the College of Business and Management, beat the odds during the ABSCI Stock Challenge 2018 and win the Luzon Championship.

Computer Science students won 2nd Runner-up at the inter-collegiate hackathon, Hack-a-Sight, Hack-a-Site, which was held at Ateneo De Manila University on January 27, 2018.

Leonor Hernando, Dean of the College or Arts and Sciences, presented her paper “Discourses on Development and Poverty Mediated during the Pilipinas Debates 2016,” which was a finalist for the graduate studies level paper competition for the National Conference Research Congress held on November 23-24, 2017.