Ms. Saigon: “What would you do for love?”

Theater Arts 2018 welcomes you to Dreamland as they specially perform Saigon: The Musicale for Colegio De San Lorenzo’s Silver Jubilee celebration. Miss Saigon has been celebrating their 25th year since 2014 and along with the school’s anniversary, they decided to perform the wonderful story of love and sacrifice. Prof. Gilbeys Sardea shared some details about how they decided on the play that was going to be performed for this year. “I originally wanted to do Moana or High School Musical—anything contemporary and classical. But when we had a meeting with Dean Leonor Hernando and Prof. Norman Manalaysay, they suggested Miss Saigon. I got speechless [at] their suggestion. Well, I like the idea but still I don’t know if I could pull off such big production. But they said that they will fully support us so I finally agreed.” He also stated that because the school is celebrating its 25th anniversary, he would like to do something bigger than usual. Another particular reason why this year’s theatre play was extra special is because the RTV Speech and Performance Class and the Theater Class merged and pushed their way to make one big production. Also included in the ensemble were the alumni and other departments. Prof. Gilbeys specially suggested to the CA department to invite other people outside his classes. Some alumni, students who already went through the past theatre plays and other courses were invited to audition for roles in the play.
Raffy Guitierrez, who graduated last 2016, went back to her alma mater to audition for Saigon: The Musicale. She played Maria, the leading role of the West Side Story. And now she also plays the lead character of Miss Saigon, Kim. Another lead role from Miss Saigon was portrayed by alumnus, Jared Balling, who was also one of the lead characters from the play last 2015, Prince Hans from Frozen.
Erika Kaeil Pascual, who played Regine Velasco from last year’s #OPM: Anong Kanta ng Kwento Mo? played Ellen’s role in the play, and the musical’s antagonist, Thuy, was played by a Job Aristotle Buenaagua, the actor behind Wicked’s The Wizard Oz. Jerome Peralta, who did the honor of portraying Engineer of Miss Saigon, was from Hospitality Management Department. He was the only student outside CA Department who was given a role in the ensemble. Despite the success of the play, they couldn’t help but share the struggles they faced before the performances. The production staff was outnumbered that’s why they seek help from CA department and they were gladly given a hand by the Public Relations, Advertising, and Visual Communication classes. Prof. Gilbeys said that they encountered many troubles but they are solving it one by one. Miss Saigon: The Musicale, with the combined effort and passion of its team, ended with a sweet and warm embrace from its audience. Truly, another story was unfolded and a new memory to hold on was added to the long line of remarkable theatre plays that staged Bulwagang San Lorenzo.

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