CDSL Crowns Mr. & Ms. Sanlo 2018

CDSL College Week culminated in the long-awaited Mr. & Ms. SanLo 2018 pangeant night. The night ended in celebratory success with Jonald Kyle Sotto from the Computer Science Department bagging the Mr. SanLo title and Terrece Patricia Castel from Communication Arts Department winning Ms. SanLo 2018.

Brien Samson of the Psychology Department and Sachiyo Nicole Gatmaitan of the Tourism Department win first runner-up while their peers claimed minor awards during the competition run.

Summer, Avant-garde, and Formal Wear
Candidates first ramped up the stage in their summer wear, followed by avant-garde and lastly, formal wear. The 14 candidates from seven departments were as follows: TSM’s James Del Rosario and Sachiyo Nicole Gatmaitan, EDU’s Renante Berdos and Ansherina Maye Adornado, PSY’s Brien Samson and Jireh Dolendo, CA’s Robi Robles and Terrece Patricia Castel, HSM’s Rheggie Lunio and Justeene Dale Pelayo, CS’s Jonald Kyle Sotto and Stephanie Andulan, and SBM’s Jayson Castro and Mary Joyce Ac-ac. For the minor awards, chosen candidates were given special acknowledgments such as Mr. & Ms. Congeniality for Robi Robles (CA) and Justeene Dale Pelayo (HSM), Mr. & Ms. Talent for Rheggie Lunio (HSM) and Stephanie Andulan (CS), Mr. & Ms. Photogenic for James del Rosario (TSM) and Sachiyo Nicole Gatmaitan (TSM), and Mr. & Ms. People’s Choice Awards for Jayson Castro (BA) and Stephanie Andulan (CS).
Jonald Kyle Sotto (CS) bagged four other minor awards—Mr. Sponsorship for Vandarah, Best in Summer Wear, Best in Avant-garde Wear, and Best in Formal Wear. Sachiyo Nicole Gatmaitan (TSM) also bagged three other minor awards such as Ms. Sponsorship for Vandarah, Best in Summer Wear, and Best in Avant-garde Wear. Terrece Patricia Castel (CA) was awarded Best in Formal Wear.

The main event of this year’s College Week was held at the High School Gym on February 15, and was hosted by Professors Choq Dario and Kai Pajutagana. Judges on the event were Ram Costales, Bryle Frost, Agassi Ching, and Gypsy Kaye Pineda.

During the event, the main casts and the director of the Theatre Arts Class promoted their upcoming play “Saigon: The Musicale” as they performed the songs: Sun and Moon and Last Night of The World. Other performances included the winners of Mr. & Ms. SanLo 2018 Talent Portion, Rheggie Lunio and Stephanie Andulan, who showcased their winning talents.

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