Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Specialization in Film 2018-06-21T21:33:49+00:00

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Program Description

The program aims to train and mentor exemplary graduates who can contribute competitively to the evolving film and television industry through technical, analytical, and creative skills.

Although specializing in Film, the curriculum strategically includes courses that encourage holistic growth that will develop the students’ capacities in writing, production management, research, and communication—skills that are essential in other creative fields such as radio, visual, and print media. The program also provides practical exposure through the use of its up-to-date facilities, such the TV studio, cameras, editing equipment, and other facilities.

In line with the Colegio’s strong moral foundations, the program aims to educate future creatives in developing projects with powerful social and cultural relevance while still adhering to professional and ethical global standards.


Career Opportunities

A graduate in Communication with Specialization in Film can pursue promising careers as:

  • Film director
  • Production manager
  • Public relations
  • Editor
  • Script writer
  • Event organizer
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Floor director
  • Film executive producer
  • Talent coordinator
  • Educator
  • Event coordinator
  • Talent manager
  • Event director
  • Artist