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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management is a four-year course program that prepares and trains students intensively to learn the concepts, techniques, and management skills related to hotel and restaurant operations, hospitality marketing, food preparation and service, hospitality design and planning, financial accounting, analysis, and entrepreneurship.

Students undergo in-depth industry experience through immersion in various areas, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, and cruise ships, to bridge the gap between classroom education and real-life work exposure.

Career Opportunities

BS Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates are highly employable—wherever there is an influx of demand for hotels, restaurants, convention centers, resorts, casinos, private clubs, retirement communities, aviation, and cruise line jobs, Colegio De San Lorenzo graduates of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management will have opportunities for work and growth. Positions in line with this program are:

  • Operation managers in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and cruise lines
  • Executive chef
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Facilities consultant and planner
  • Academician
  • Bar chef
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Front office manager
  • Casino manager
  • Aviation employee
  • Event managers
  • Caterer