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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Operations Management

Program Description

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Operations Management (BSBA-OM) prepare students to be operations managers who transform businesses from a vision to a saleable product or service.

Graduates of a BSBA-Operations Management degree program will work in a variety of fields, each with its own employment outlook with emphasis on management and supervisory positions in manufacturing, retail corporations, the service industry, or the hospitality industry where they will oversee all activities related to the business, such as the delivery of services, the production of goods, distribution, global sourcing and procurement, materials management, forecasting, logistics, managing purchases, operations, inventory control, storage, and total quality management.

The Colegio values well-rounded development of its students; therefore, students of BSBA-Operations will not only possess the competencies and management skills needed to diagnose problems, formulate policies, and manage operations, but develop a strong foundation of values that will guide their decisions.