Bachelor of Science In Psychology

Our Mission

The Psychology Department provides Ruizian students with solid education and training in pursuit of scientific PsychLogointegrity and academic excellence in preparation for their work, advocacies, and further specialization in the various fields of psychology in the educational, clinical, and industrial settings and related areas such as medicine.

Our Vision

The Psychology Department of CDSL, with the Ruizian spirituality at its core, aims to produce academically and professionally excellent graduates adept in psychology, its theories combined with research and practice dedicated to helping individuals and groups of people in the Philippines and globally.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPsy) Programs at Colegio de San Lorenzo

Offered at Colegio de San Lorenzo since 1993, the Psychology Program aims to form students to pursue scientific truth and excellence – both academically and professionally. Through an education founded on psychological theories, research, and practice, the program aims to come up with graduates dedicated to helping people and various groups in Phillipine society reach their full potential develop mentally.

The program is designed to provide students with sold training in preparation for work in the areas of teaching, research, practice, service, and advocacy. Psychology students are trained in the science of individual and group bahaviour in preparation for careers in business and management, teaching, and further specialization in the various fields of psychology such as research, counselling, therapy, testing, human resources and organizational development, industrial psychology, and child psychology among others.

In contrast to a Bachelor of Arts program, the Bachelor of Science program in Psychology offers excellent disciplines. Students with a strong interest in science can also benefit from his degree which includes extensive study in biological study and research methodology.