Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

tourismOur Mission

to provide globally competitive individuals who will actively serve the community and worldwide tourism and hospitality industry through proper skills training, effective curricula, industry based facilities and professional instructions.

Our Vision 

to be the leading provider of hospitality and tourism management leaders in the world equipped with functional knowledge, skills and right attitude.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) Programs at Colegio de San Lorenzo

The Tourism Management Program covers the study of various tourism components of the industry. It encompasses technical, practical and professional learning relevant to the different pillars of tourism such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services necessary for the formation of the students to become well rounded and high-spirited Tourism Professionals imbued with Christian ethics and virtues.

Career Options

Jobs requiring no prior to minimal level of experience:

  • Tour Escort– accompany a client or groups of people on an organized trip or packaged tour arranged for them by tour companies
  • Tour Agency Clerk– perform secretarial tasks behind the counter such as encoding clients inquiries, personal information and booking their necessary travelling requirements and documentations
  • Hotel and Resort Personnel– provides hospitality and accommodation assistance to travelling patrons
  • Tour Agents or Representative– sales and marketing personnel who offer and assist customers in choosing their destination, transportation, lodging and travel plans. Promotes vacation packages, cultural tour and heritage site voyage, religious pilgrimage, expedition, field trip or panoramic sight-seeing through continuous solicitations.
  • Government Tourism Staff– works under the tutelage of local tourism officer in bringing about its agencys mission

Mid-Level Positions

Require trainings and prior job experience of a few years:

  • Reservation Personnel for Tour Agencies– responsible for scheduling Tour packages for particular clients. An authoritative penchant for haggling is necessary when negotiating with hotels and travel agencies for schedules and reservations at the most affordable cost.
  • Event Coordinator or Assistant– helps in the successful execution of touring plans and schedule such as room assignment and facility approval in fairs, festival and conferences.
  • Tourist Language interpreter– guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area. This person must possess an area-specific qualification and certification issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.
  • Flight Attendants– airline crew members who undergo specialized training to assist air passengers in their flight on-board

Advanced Positions

Require years of extensive experience and practice:

  • Tour Agency Operator– owns a Destination Management Company and takes charge of its overall administrative profile, from office staffing to the approval of final minutes of a touring event.
  • Tour Agency Supervisor– the office manager who directs the flow of organizational functions of the company. Delegate responsibilities, organize complex projects, and establish priorities consistent with the company objectives. Initiates headship and collaborative competence with the company workforce as team leader.
  • Assistant Agency Manager– support the General Manager or Supervisor with all aspects of the Tour Agency operations. Must also demonstrate strong communication skills and superior leadership abilities.
  • Front Office Manager– responsible for all duties of the front desk operation which includes: staff training, inter-department communications, and staff scheduling.
  • Event Organizer– plans and manage touring events, vacations, promotions, cruise, expedition, etc. from conception through to completion
  • Destination Specialist– expert in providing information on various tourist spots such as its historical, cultural, and geographical value; route direction, flight or cruise planning; lodging and accommodation suggestions and possible expenses.
  • Travel and Tour Counselor– handles inquiries and provides travel advice in making reservations for international and domestic flights, hotel accommodation, package tours, and other transportation arrangements. Attending sales calls and meetings for travel sales presentations.
  • Government Tourism officers– develop and promote tourism activities to attract visitors and generate significant economic benefits for a particular region or site.
  • Tourism Researchers– provide market research, analysis, planning and marketing strategies/services for tourism-related businesses
  • Tourism Academicians– faculty members, instructors, and teachers in an institution that provides tourism education
  • Travel Writer– authors guide books and reviews, with the intent being to educate the reader about the destination, provide helpful advice for those visiting the destination, and inspire readers to travel to the destination

Career Opportunities Abroad

  • Filipinos are in demand abroad for many tourism-related jobs, including tour escorts, tour guides, ticketing attendants, agency clerks for tour companies, travel consultants, destination specialists, language interpreters, event organizers, corporate managers for travel agencies, and more. The main countries where jobs are available are Singapore, Malaysia, Gulf countries and South Korea.