Faculty members and students are able to have a first- hand experience on the state- of- the- art features of the College.  Along with having fully- air conditioned classrooms, white boards are available to facilitate efficient delivery of classroom discussions.  Each academic department can utilize their own LCD projector in order to enhance activities that would require visual presentations.  Furthermore, faculty members and students are able to enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by a multitude of information sources such as newest edition books in the library, updated computers with internet access and fully- functional and well- equipped laboratories.

In terms of Physical Education and Sports, a dance studio with sidebars, mirrored- walls and parquet floor was designed as venue for Physical Education classes.  The badminton and basketball courts with Rex flooring from Korea will entice, not only the sports- minded individuals, but the sports- challenged as well.  The gym for basketball, with a capacity of close to 1000 persons, can be used as a practice gym and venue for school competitions and even exhibition games for the likes of the Philippine Basketball Association.  Other features include an electronic scoreboard and a dugout at par with the best gyms in Metro Manila.  Gym equipment, exercise machines and amenities are accessible to everybody.  A lounge is provided in order to encourage students to stay within the campus, especially during their break time.  This can relieve parents of having to worry about the possible hazards that may happen if their sons and daughters keep on leaving the school premises.

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