Our Seal


The CdSL Seal Colegio de San Lorenzo’s seal has for its tinctures the following:

Gold: being the pontifical color, it symbolizes the Roman Catholic faith of San Lorenzo Ruiz de manila and the Catholic mission of CDSL.

Blue: the Color of the sky and deep sea, best signifies the vastness and depth of knowledge that the educators of CDSL wish to educate from their students.

Red: Represents the martyrdom and courage of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila in the face of death for the glory of God.

The Griffin: A legendary creature with the head and wings of an eagle, the body of the lion, and the tail of the dragon. The Griffin, which also serves as the school’s mascot, best defines the charism of the Ruizian identi1a`ty.

The Cross: The symbol of Christian faith. This represents the faith and martyrdom of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and emphasizes that CdSL is a Catholic educational institution.

The Book: Signifies the mission of CdSL as an academic institution, tasked with educating the Filipino youth and providing them with excellent quality academic preparation.